We Support Theodore Judah Elementary



As a Sacramento music school we believe in giving back.

It’s a phrase that I grew up hearing a lot. And it’s a concept my mother instilled in us girls from a young age. Whether it was giving our $1 contribution to the homeless shelter from our own tooth fairy fund, or it was taking us to volunteer as table servers at fundraisers as middle schoolers, or encouraging us in our professional life to give our time and training to under-resourced communities. My mother instilled in us the priority of  giving back with whatever resource we had to give at whatever stage of life we found ourselves.


Supporting our local school has been one of the ways we choose to give back.

From the very first would you donate? the answer was yes. It was yes even when I had barely graduated from music school and was still figuring out my future. ”At this time, I can give you my personal time in free vocal lessons.” is what I could reply back. The ideas around expanding myself into an actual music school were just beginning to form in my mind.

We Support Theodore Judah Elementary School.

This past year we participated as a sponsor for their Christmas Faire as well as their Harvest Festival. We bring in instruments for the kids to play with at these events, giving them up-close exposure to perhaps something they have never been exposed to before.

As long as Martucci Music exists in the East Sacramento area, we are dedicated to supporting our local elementary school in whatever way we can. Oftentimes that means saying no to other donation requests from the East Sac community. But we have chosen to make Theodore Judah our primary sponsee. So I guess you could also say that by taking music lessons at Martucci Music, you are also supporting the local elementary school…. I never really thought of it that way, but it’s true!


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Gabriella Martucci Jones

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