Voice Lessons Are Scary!


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Would you agree that voice lessons can be kind of scary? Maybe intimidating is a better word. Voice lessons can be so awkward to start. It takes so much vulnerability and courage to share something as fragile as your voice to a public ear. And they say, you can’t be vulnerable and authentic around other people if you can’t first be vulnerable and authentic with yourself.

And how hard is it to be vulnerable with yourself? Hard. All our own insecurities reveal themselves to us in voice lessons!


The Voice Lesson Environment Should Feel Safe.


That is why at our music school we want our space to be a safe environment. A space where people can come for singing lessons and be ok with hearing their own voice and all the good and bad sounds they will make. We understand that it is very uncomfortable allowing yourself to make those vocal mistakes and we want our teaching space to be a space where we come to make mistakes and find our own voice.


Let’s Get You Passed the Awkward!


Our desire is to help you get past the awkward! Our vocal instructors know how challenging it is to take those first actionable steps to becoming comfortable in your own skin. And not just skin but your own sounds… to learn to “voice yourself”, no pun intended.

It’s imperative that voice students find a voice teacher that they like and feel comfortable with. Our teachers understand this hunt as well! They all went through the vocal instructor search many times themselves in all their years of training. They were voice students themselves once upon a time and know the psychological journey of working with your own voice.


Martucci Music | Music School | East Sacramento | Music Lessons | Music TeacherTo Those Considering Voice Lessons:


To all those learning or standing on the fringes and considering signing up for vocal instruction, it’s important to know that voice teachers understand what you are feeling: the nerves, the fears, the shyness, the anxiety. All of it. They know! So friends, know that they know and let that be a comfort to you as you take these life changing steps to becoming the better version of yourself: more courageous and self-confident.

Like we always say, coming to take music lessons at Martucci Music is more than just committing to the music lessons. It is a commitment to your “self”. It is strengthening the inner you.