The Importance of Posture Practice in Developing Self-Awareness

The Importance of Posture Practice in Developing Self-Awareness

Importance of Posture Practice:

Posture is a key component of learning to play an instrument. Just as much as it is a key component of developing one’s own self-awareness. As humans, we will judge people, consciously or subconsciously, by how someone carries their own body. We learn to read body cues from infancy but as we grow, we aren’t always conscious of the science to it. posture-practice

Posture in Music Lessons:

People who take music lessons from a well-trained musician report improved awareness of their body. This is because the body will speak up. For example, when training the posture for their instrument, students become continuously more aware of where they, personally, collect and hold tension. They are also able to recognize why they rest – or move – their body the way they do.

This awareness of tension build-up in specific places of the body, and how it shifts when you adjust your posture, is a skill that is carried into other areas of life. Self-awareness is the skill while posture practice with an instrument is the tool to developing the skill.

Posture Practice Leads to Self-Awareness in Life:

Being aware of the build-up of tension might help someone become aware of something stressful in their life that is affecting them mentally, emotionally, and physically. This recognition will help them understand that it is affecting them more than they would have suspected. Had they not developed their body awareness they would not be able to appropriately address the stressful situation.

This body awareness, when trained and developed into a skill, can prevent mental and nervous breakdowns from happening. Simply by prevention! Self-awareness of the body can be like a red warning button that flashes. This lets a person know that they are approaching a season of unhealthy stress. Once aware students can incorporate self-care during particular seasons. We always aim for this recognition to happen earlier rather than later. This allows students to maintain a proper healthy balance in their life as a whole. Students are able to avoid a mental or nervous breakdown, which can have dire consequences in all other areas of one’s life.

As we always say, when you come to Martucci Music for music lessons, the experience is more about a commitment to yourself than it is to the instrument.

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