Women’s Choir Lessons

Group singing leads to new emphasis in body and mind self-awareness. Through women’s choir, students will develop self-awareness of their own body and mind when using the vocal techniques required in learning to sing as a group, which naturally emphasizes different aspects of body and mind awareness than one-on-one private sessions.

Breath control

Intake and output of air and the development of the physical awareness of how the body controls air flow. Listening to one’s breath and connecting to it is key.

This technique is often found in Yoga as well.

Body posture

Awareness of how one carries their body, versus the practice and training of how one should carry the body: tall and open.

Body tension

Developing the awareness of when and where your body holds its tension and how to release that muscle tension, both practically and mentally. Body tension is every musician’s enemy.

Sound manipulation

Awareness of the body in the creation of sound and the sympathetic vibrations that occur, develop in every student a deeper physical connection with themselves.

Emotional intelligence

Developing awareness of how your body reacts when under social anxiety or stress, where that stress comes from, and how to practically navigate through these emotions for a more balanced and peaceful self. Learning to self-analyze one’s own thinking processes.

Emotional Expression

In the lessons, we tell students, “Every feeling is a note, every note is beautiful, and every note counts.”

The lesson space is a safe space where students can express their feelings and thoughts through their music.


Developing students beyond social and performance anxiety and stress and on to being self-realized, self-expressers who are more comfortable and confident in their own personhood.

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