Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting lessons take the development of self-awareness to a whole new level of self-analysis, self-realization and self-expression. It is an advanced form of self-expression born of an awakened and nurtured self-awareness. We can’t start writing music unless we already know how to listen to our internal creative voice.


That’s why we say, it’s more than just music here. It’s a commitment to “self”.


Our sessions cover:

The Lyric Writing Process

Learning the art of introspection and how to lyrically communicate with depth and precision within the framework of the art of songwriting.

Lyrical Form

How lyric writing is formally structured and the aesthetics behind good form, bad form, and when and how to break form rules and how different forms have different functions depending on what message you are trying to communicate.

Musical Form

Melodic motifs and themes, phrase length, melodic contrast, melodic movement, and all the aesthetics behind creating memorable melodies that are masterfully crafted with maximum potency to convey the depth of what a writer is trying to communicate in song form.

Harmonic Form

The music that supports the melody: the chords and the harmonies.

The patterns of these, basic structures of music theory and how to use different chords as a painter uses paint, that is, to add color, in this case musical color, to best support the message of the song being composed.

Rhythmic Form

The rhythms or grooves on which a song is built upon can either work for or against the message of a song.

Choosing emphasized beats to match with the right emphasized lyric syllables is one of the key secrets to creating a successful song that enhances the potency of a song’s message.

Let's get started!