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Singing lessons that emphasize body and mind self-awareness through the development of breath control, posture, tension management, emotional intelligence and more.


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Breath awareness and control

Our voice lessons focus on the development of the physical awareness of how the body controls air flow. We begin with deep breathing as the foundation of all singing.

Our lessons focus on the skill of listening to one’s breath as well as understanding and interpreting one’s breathing patterns in order to influence mindset. This technique is often found in the practice of yoga as well.


Body posture

Voice lessons at Martucci Music foster a self-awareness of how one currently carries the body versus the training of how one should carry the body, which is tall and open. Good posture is required when singing and its practice is a life skill that will carry over into a student’s everyday life.


Body tension

Our voice lessons develop an awareness to when and where your body holds its tension. Body tension is every musician’s enemy. Holding one’s breath when nervous or concentrating is equal to holding onto body tension. Learning to keep the breathing loose and free keeps one’s body mindful and stable.

Our vocal sessions incorporate practical technics for identifying and releasing body tension.


Sound manipulation

The technics around the creations of sounds in singing develops an even more special awareness of the body.  The sympathetic vibrations occur within the body develop in every student a deeper physical connection with themselves. This special experience is unique when it comes to vocal coaching.


Emotional intelligence

Our vocal lessons assist in developing the awareness of how one’s body reacts when under social anxiety or stress. We help identify where one’s mental and emotional stress comes from. We give practical coaching on how to navigate through these feelings and how to self-analyze one’s emotions in order to acquire a more balanced and peaceful self.


Emotional Expression

Voice lessons at Martucci Music are a safe space where students can self-analyze and express their feelings and thoughts through their music. We tell students, “Every feeling is a note, every note is beautiful, and every note counts.”



Our vocal lessons develop students beyond the stress of social and performance anxiety. Our desire is to help our students move on to being self-expressers who are more comfortable and confident of their own personhood.





That’s why we say, it’s more than just music here. It’s a commitment to “self”.


Let's get started!





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