Performing Artists

Some people who come through our doors are performing artists. They are performers who already have a certain level of musical knowledge and skill. If you are a performing artist, we want to help you take your personal expression to the next level up. 

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It’s more than just music here. It’s a commitment to “Self”.

Our Philosophy

First and foremost, we believe that nurturing an even more powerful expresser of who you are along with your message is a never-ending commitment to personal self-development. Therefore, the more that the development of “Self” is nurtured, the more impact it will make on the hearers and receivers of that message and the more you will fill fulfilled as the person you are meant to be. This is what separates memorable performing artists from mediocre ones.

If you are a performing artist, we are committed to giving you the tools you are looking for to develop your technical skills and your personal artistic message.


Our Purpose:

First of all, at Martucci Music, we know that we have something to offer all performing artists. Second, we have prepared the tools needed to take all musical passions to the next level. Ultimately, we want performing artists to walk away from every lesson more connected to themselves than when they walked in.

So what better gift could each of us give ourselves? What better gift could you give to a child? Isn’t the best version of ourselves the best gift we could possibly give to the communities with which we interact? After all, we need a world with more people who are better in-tune with themselves. People who know themselves because these are the leaders and influencers we need to make this world a better place.


Our Musical Commitment to You:

In short, by taking music lessons at Martucci Music, you are committing to your self and society. You are committing just as much, or more to you, as you are to your instrument. That is why we say, it’s more than just music here, it’s a commitment to “Self”.
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