Some people who have come through our doors are performing artists or people who already have musical knowledge and some level of skill. We love helping these people take their expression to the next level whether it is in developing the technical skills or in developing their message as an expression of their art form. Becoming a more powerful expressor of who you are and your message to the world is a never-ending development and the more it is developed, the more impact it makes on the hearers and receivers of that message!

What We Believe:

At Martucci Music, we believe that music lessons are an exceptional tool for developing one’s self-awareness of mind, body, and soul which also leads to the awareness of the intersections where these aspects come together to make up an individual’s unique personhood.

Our Passion:

To see people walk away from every lesson more connected to themselves than when they walked in. And what better gift could each of us give ourselves? What better gift could you give to your child? What better gift could we give to the communities we interact with, other than our best selves? We need a world with more people who are better in tune with themselves. Who know themselves because these are the leaders and influencers we need to make this world a better place. By taking music lessons at Martucci Music, you are committing to your self. Just as much, or more, as you are to your instrument.

Let's get started!