It is never too late to start on the journey of self-awareness through music lessons! We have a number of retirees who come through our doors and we love being in community with them and exploring their musical curiosities!

We also have many career adults who set aside the time for their self-development outside of their careers to make sure that they keep a healthy work/self balance. A mentally and emotionally healthy self, makes for a happier and more productive employee and we are here to help serve our community in this way!

Music Lessons:

People can use music to run away from themselves or they can use it to connect with themselves. They can use it to sit in their current thoughts and feelings or to help them mentally and emotionally move in another direction. Listening to music can make someone feel validated in their thoughts and emotions because music dares to say things that people in the real world hesitate to mention. And music can speak without words. Emotions and thoughts can be expressed in sounds; and therefore, express things at a depth and thoroughness that words and spoken language can’t reach. Teaching someone to speak this language and walking them into this world of music, has been the absolute most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

It has been through teaching music that we have most clearly seen the connection and expression of the “self” play out among the individuals who come through for lessons. I have so many many stories of students who come into our music school and walk out a changed person because they were able to see a part of themselves that they sometimes knew was there and sometimes didn’t; but they had been introduced or reintroduced to themselves and there was an effect on them because of it. And sometimes they were initially more intimidated by themselves and sometimes they were inspired.

Wherever they landed on the spectrum of reactions, we work with them to become aware of their own thoughts and reactions towards themselves and to figure out how to work forward into a place of a little more courage and a little more self-trust. Worked out in the long run, these people have shown themselves to become people of more self-confidence, self-worth, not simply when they began to choose to participate in our music recitals, but also in recognizing and owning that these skills, this development, goes beyond the walls of our program and into their everyday lives and they will carry it into their communities.

Let's get started!