My Voice Lesson Experience


I’ve learned so much in my voice lesson experience and not just about my voice

Martucci Music | Sacramento Music School | Singing Lessons | Voice Lessons | Voice Teacher | Singing Teacher | Sacramento Music LessonsI am going to share with you my voice lesson experience at Martucci Music. I have been taking voice lessons at Martucci Music since the spring of last year. During my lessons I have learned so much and not just about my voice, but about self-expression as well.

Music has always been very important to me in my life. It’s not only something I do for fun, but it also gives me confidence and allows me to tell a story. Every time I go to a lesson, no matter what type of day I am having, I leave happy because I can tell that my teachers genuinely care about me. Not to mention that singing in general makes me more happy!

Some major things I’ve learned:

Each voice teacher I’ve worked with and every voice lesson has taught me something new. The teachers always share positive feedback and positive but constructive criticism to help me improve my singing. I have been able to hit notes I never dreamed of hitting because my teachers have believed in me and want me to do my best.

Oftentimes, the only reason I am not able to achieve something is because I think I cannot do it, when in reality I can. My teachers have taught me and showed me that it’s all in my head. All of them have helped me boost my confidence, which I am starting to see come out in other aspects of my life as well.

My voice lesson experience has taught me to tell a story:Martucci Music | Sacramento Music School | Singing Lessons | Voice Lessons | Voice Teacher | Singing Teacher | Sacramento Music Lessons | Music Theory Lessons

My voice teachers have also taught me to really tell a story with what I am singing. Asking questions about the song and what it means to me is often a part of the process and helps me learn more on why music is so important. Once I know what the song means to me, I show it in my facial expressions and presence while I am singing. They have taught me the importance of rhythm and how to over-pronounce my words so people understand what I am singing and it allows me to sing notes easier too!

All in all, taking lessons at Martucci Music has helped me not only with my voice, but also in my confidence and self-expression as a person. Music has the ability to touch people in a special way. It has certainly done that for me in my voice lesson experience.



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