My Inspiration Behind Violin Lessons

My Inspiration Behind Violin Lessons



Why we include violin lessons at Martucci Music:

Martucci Music | Violin Lessons East SacramentoOf all the music lessons we offer, I never took violin lessons growing up. My uncle gave my sisters and I an old violin at one point. We all messed around on it here and there but I never took actual violin lessons. Violin lessons in East Sacramento seemed to be easy enough to find but I never knew any violin teachers personally. I don’t know why, but I had decided to take flute lessons instead, on top of voice lessons, piano lessons, and guitar lessons. I know, crazy right? But I loved it all!


My mother raised us listening to Classical Kids cassette tapes.

One of the cassette tapes told the story of the composer, Antonio Vivaldi and the Italian orphan girls who learned to sing and play violin under his music instruction. The Classical Kids series did such a great job of telling this story and I grew a fondness for the violin. To this day I always associate the instrument with my childhood and that cassette tape!

The violin has always been one of my favorite instruments.

So yes, I never took violin lessons but the violin was always one of my favorite instruments to listen to and watch people play. I always knew that once I turned Martucci Music into a music school in East Sacramento, I wanted there to be violin lessons.

But violin instructors in East Sacramento were hard to come by during that time of my life. I wasn’t a part of the string world or network. It took me a bit of time to finally find our first solid violin teacher. I was determined to offer violin lessons at Martucci Music! I wanted to hear violins at our recitals! So although the trickle of violin teachers that crossed my path was slow, we eventually found a teacher that was a good fit for our culture and community and our violin program was born!

Our violin program is currently our newest program.

As the youngest program added to our school, I love watching it slowly and steadily develop. I can’t wait to fill our hallways with the sound of the works of Antonio Vivaldi one day! Then, my dream will have been fulfilled and we are well on our way for that!

-Gabriella Martucci Jones


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