Kids and Ukulele Lessons

Kids and Ukulele Lessons




We suggest ukulele lessons versus guitar for very young students.

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At Martucci Music in East Sacramento we often suggest that very young students, who want to take guitar lessons, actually start with ukulele lessons. There are several reasons why we recommend the ukulele. This article explains why we think the ukulele is: easier to generally handle, easier strings for the fingers, and a cheaper purchase for trying lessons before committing to a guitar.


Ukuleles are often a less expensive investment to start with.


Of course all instruments come at all price points and all quality levels but in general, the ukulele is the cheaper option to go with. Especially if it’s unsure if a student will stick to their instrument long-term.


Ukuleles are easier to learn.


A ukulele has four strings while a standard guitar has five strings. That’s one less string for young beginning students to have to think about. The strings that come on a ukulele are oftentimes softer too as kids build up the calluses on their fingers. There are nylon string options for acoustic guitars but nylon strings are often bought separate and the guitar is restrung with the softer strings.

The softer strings on a ukulele minimize the frustration young students face while learning to manipulate those fingers and hands in ways they have never done before and developing tougher finger tips for playing. It makes for an overall easier transition into the guitar as they show commitment and continued interest in their lessons.


Ukuleles are smaller than guitars.


With the ukulele being generally smaller than a guitar, it is easier to lug around and handle. The smaller size also helps reduce the awkwardness of getting to know the shape of guitar-like instruments, how to hold it, be careful with it, and take care of it. Kids are awkward anyway so why give them the larger instrument to start with. Start them simple and a ukulele is just that, simpler and easier than a guitar.


Where to purchase ukuleles.


Our go-to kit that we most recommend to families is found on Amazon. Click HERE.
2. Facebook Marketplace
3. Craigslist
4. Guitar Center, Tim’s Music, and Kline Music are local Sacramento stores that sell ukuleles as well.



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