How We Started Out


Beginning with the Beginning

Let’s take it back. Back to music school. Back to Sacramento Sate University in East Sacramento where I entered the music program originally as a piano major. I had taken piano lessons from the age of eight. Now I was in music school as a pianist. I was already known as a pianist in the Sacramento area and had a few private music students. But my dream at the time was to be a choir conductor not a professional pianist.

Since our music school program required that we also specialized in an instrument, I chose the piano. Very shortly after starting the program, I knew that practicing the piano for nine hours every day was going to kill the joy of playing the piano for me. Plus I was already taking more than a full load of units with a double music major as well as a minor. So I decided to switch my major and started studying voice to graduate as a vocal major instead.


And Then it Began
Voice Lessons | Vocal coach | Vocal instructor | East Sacramento | Music School

Our first teaching space in East Sac.

Having graduated as a vocalist and performing around Sacramento, people began to ask me for voice lessons as well as piano lessons. I was mainly teaching in McKinley Park and East Sacramento. As my student base grew, I began to look for a place in the area. The thought was to begin to have people come to me and stop doing home visits. This would allow me to fit in more students in a day’s time.

It turned out that a classmate of mine lived in the area and for a minimal fee we agreed that I could teach in her living room while she was away at work since she got home in the late evenings anyway.


This ended up being a great way to start building momentum and very soon I brought on a teaching assistant who would take over the piano lessons while I focused on the voice lessons.


And Then it Grew!
Piano teacher | piano lessons | East Sacramento | Music School

This was picture was taken in the converted garage space. It really turned into a nice teaching space!

Soon we expanded again! I bought another piano and stashed it in the corner of my friend’s one car garage. We would roll it out for lessons and then back into the corner before she got home with her car! We painted that one car garage as well and it turned out to be a pretty cool industrial-creative looking space!





And Then it Expanded

My friend’s place couldn’t have lasted us forever. Being in a residential zone, we began causing quite the foot traffic and I was afraid we would make some of the local residents uneasy. So we found ourselves a little commercial space just a block away and added guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, and bass lessons to our program. A year after that we added our women’s choir and most recently we brought on a violin teacher for violin lessons! We love our violin instructor and can’t wait to see her program become as developed as our other programs.


Looking From the Present, Into the Future

Today, I no longer teach, but I am just as involved with running the business side of things. I also love caring for our tight community of families, students and all of our amazing music instructors! I absolutely love this community we’ve become. It’s very much like another family for me in its own unique way. I just keep looking forward to how we will keep expanding our community and our music lessons in East Sac!


Much Love!
Gabriella Martucci Jones
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