About Martucci Music in East Sacramento

Our emphasis in teaching music is to develop our students in
self-confidence, self-expression, and self-awareness.

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We at Martucci Music in East Sacramento believe that music lessons should not only be focused on the musical technique of the instrument being studied, but also on the whole person and a wholesome experience: mind and body combined. Our approach to teaching music is to emphasize the development of personal self-confidence, self-expression, and self-awareness.

For example, it’s not enough for a voice student to come in and learn to sing on pitch and in tune. Instead, when a student is made aware of how different vocal vibrations feel through their body or how deep breathing feels versus shallow breathing, or how, as a singer, we find and release hidden body tension, that student begins to automatically become more in tune with their inner selves.

We recognize that developing the self in these ways is essential to a successful life and music is our tool of choice to gift people the chance to become one step closer to self-awareness.