2019 Music Summer Camps

2019 Music Summer Camps


Music Summer Camps | Ukulele Lessons | Singing Lessons | Voice Lessons | Group Piano | Piano LessonsFor the last two years Martucci Music has offered music summer camps for kids in the East Sacramento area. Last year our camps were centered around voice and singing for kids ages 6-9, but this year we have expanded our camp options as well as our age ranges!
All our camps will run on Monday mornings for six weeks at $100/student (to learn more click HERE).

Below is a description of what we are excited to offer East Sacramento this year!



Exploring Self-Expression Through Music & Singing


For the littles, ages 2-3 & 4-5, we will be offering camps around singing and body movement. These six-week camps are structured with a mommy-and-me environment and are centered on cultivating improv and self-expression among the kids.

For the older kids, ages 6-8 & 9-12, we are offering group singing camps where kids will learn to use their bodies as a singing instrument and learn how to work as a group for creating layers of harmonies and sound. This is our most popular group! We keep classes small and intimate!



Music Summer Camp | Ukulele Lessons | Ukulele teacher | East Sacramento Ukulele lessonsExploring Sound Expressions & Body Coordination Through Ukulele


Also for ages 8 & up, we will be offering a camp on creating sounds and expressions through the ukulele for the first time! This is a great introduction opportunity for kids who might be interested in taking ukulele lessons, guitar lessons, or bass lessons without the long-term commitment and again, we keep space limited for our classes because we keep our camps small and intimate.



Summer Music Camps | Piano lessons | East Sacramento | music schoolExploring Sound Expressions & Body Coordination Through Piano


Lastly, for ages 7-9, we are offering a camp on sound expressions and body coordination through the piano. We have created our own curriculum for this camp and are very excited to include it in our list of camps this summer! We keep space limited to only 4 students.

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As stated, we like to keep all our camp sizes small and intimate!
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